About Me

My yoga journey started several years ago when I was looking for something that could help me deal with stress, trauma, and a severe health condition.

Kundalini Yoga Medicine approach comes to life from a synergetic union of different practices such as Kundalini Yoga, Breathwork, Rebirthing, Somatic Therapy, NLP, Tibetan meditation, Vipassana, to name a few.

More than these practices, the guidance of Master Plants and Kambo has helped me in my own personal journey and bringing this new method to light.

With Kundalini Yoga Medicine, we reconnect to Spirit through releasing trauma and energy blockages within the body. We also clean the body with Kriya that is specifically designed to re-activate and boost your immune system and lymphatic system. Once that body and mind are clear and the emotional body softens, we are ready to experience union and connection to Self in our day-to-day life.

Whether you are trying to integrate your psychedelic journey, or achieving a deeper cleanse through Kambo, or looking for support to move through life, we got you covered!

Kundalini yoga teacher
Kambo Practitioner
breathwork practitioner
pshychedelic integration specialist

Kambo, Yoga and Breathwork work in synergy to release tension and trauma from the body and to open the heart center to self-healing, self-love and grace. Ultimately they lead us on The Path of surrendering to the Infinity within.

Daniela angeloni