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How to Start Kundalini Yoga – A Quick Guide

How to start kundalini yoga? It is a common question asked by many women who want to follow and practice yoga, a holistic health approach that connects the mind, body, and spirit, leading to improved overall physical, mental, and spiritual health. 

Research shows that the number of yoga practitioners reached 350 million in 2020, and the figure is expected to grow in the coming years. A 2020 research study published by the University of Westminster states that people in the UK practice yoga for:

  • General wellness (39%)
  • Physical Fitness (19%)
  • Body flexibility (8.5%)
  • Muscle strength (9.5%)
  • Mental wellbeing (6%)

According to Hype Journal, yoga has become the most popular topic for active Instagram users in the UK, with 74% people follow yoga-related accounts followed by health and wellness (60%), food and cooking (48%), chef (47%), and politics (42%). 

Besides, IBISWorld’s market research report highlights that the market size of the yoga industry in the UK has reached a whopping £926 million. About 4,930 yoga centers in the UK employ over 16,400 individuals. In today’s article, I will answer: how to get started in kundalini yoga. Read on! 

What is Kundalini Yoga?

Yogi Bhajan brought Kundalini yoga to the west in 1969. The primary objective of Yogi Bhajan was to teach his students the full potential of mind and boy awareness. Kundalini yoga is an integral part of the yoga practice that focuses on:

  • Recognizing your awareness
  • Refining your awareness 
  • Expanding your awareness 
  • Achieving your unlimited self 
  • Clear your inner duality 
  • Create the power to listen 
  • Cultivate your stillness 
  • Deliver excellent in everything you do 

Kundalini energy deeply exists in your root chakra. So, when you practice Kriya, Pranayama, and meditation, you can awaken your kundalini energy to balance your chakra and meridian systems and improve your nervous and glandular mechanisms. In addition, a kundalini practice consists of opening mantras, pranayama, kriya, relaxation, and meditation techniques.

A 2017 research study published on NCBI states that Kundalini yoga offers a wide range of health benefits, including a supple, strong body, conscious living with a connection to the higher consciousness, improved memory, and reduced stress levels by suppressing stress-causing hormone called cortisol. 

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How to Start Kundalini Yoga?

Although Kundalini yoga is an intense practice, it provides your body and brain with various health benefits, making it an excellent option for beginners and advanced yoga practitioners. Follow the steps given below to start Kundalini Yoga at home.

Step 1: Choose a Quiet Location

Although you can practice Kundalini yoga anywhere, I suggest finding a quiet, peaceful, comfortable, and distraction-free place in your home. That way, you can get the most out of your kundalini meditation. Make sure the location or space you choose has an optimal temperature – i.e., not too cool, not too hot. 

Step 2: Wear Comfortable Clothes

The general rule of thumb is to wear comfortable clothes before you practice your first kundalini meditation. Many women wear loose, relaxed, cotton clothing with a cotton shawl or any other head covering. Wear clean, fresh, and light-color clothes to feel comfortable, calm, and create a sense of soothing energy.  

Step 2: Wear Comfortable Clothes

The general rule of thumb is to wear comfortable clothes before you practice your first kundalini meditation. Many women wear loose, relaxed, cotton clothing with a cotton shawl or any other head covering. Wear clean, fresh, and light-color clothes to feel comfortable, calm, and create a sense of soothing energy.  

Step 3: Create a Schedule and Stick to it

Consistency is one of the core elements of yoga practice, allowing you to progress toward greater body strength, flexibility, and improved mobility. At the same time, consistency makes you one step closer to your meditation goals. 

If you want to achieve a pain-free body, calmer mind, reduce stress and enhance spiritual health, create a schedule and stick to it. Most women practice Kundalini yoga in the morning, while some practice it before bed at night to wind down and relax. 

Create a schedule based on your specific needs and choose any time of the day where no one can distract you. I recommend kundalini yoga in the morning because it helps regulate your biological clock (circadian rhythm) by optimizing your melatonin levels.  

Avoid practicing kundalini yoga after lunch or dinner because this can lead to digestive problems and other complications. Allow 3-4 hours to pass if you practice kundalini yoga in the afternoon or evening.

Step 5: Set the Duration of Kundalini Practice

The duration of kundalini yoga practice varies from practitioner to practitioner. Some women who have just started to practice kundalini yoga do it for 3-5 minutes. Others choose to practice it for 11, 15, 22, 31. Some practices can go over 60 minutes or even 2,5 hours. 

Remember, the duration depends on your schedule, health goals, and mental stamina. You can seek help from a professional yogi, watch videos on YouTube, or subscribe to The Light of Kundalini to learn the concept and practice together!

Also, my advice is to start with what you can. You will rip way more benefits from practice as little as few minutes every day rather than once in a lifetime!

Now, consider the following:

A Typical Kundalini Yoga Session

  • Wear loose clothes of natural fiber – for example, white cotton because this increases the aura while giving you extra radiance and protection. Tie your hair back on the top of your head’s crown
  • Use an exercise mat with the anti-slipping feature. That way, you can stay comfortable while practicing your kundalini yoga techniques. A high-quality yoga mat also provides a sort of insulation, preventing the loss of energy or heat from your body to the ground. 
  • Avoid eating anything heavy 2-3 hours before your Kundalini yoga practice. If you are hungry, eat something very light, such as a piece of fruit 
  • Take your socks off before you start practicing kundalini yoga. Bear in mind that your feet have more than 72,000 nerve endings. Therefore, it is crucial to allow your feet to breathe – that way, you can connect your central nervous system to the energy surrounding you
  • If you are menstruating or pregnant, avoid doing Asanas that trigger the belly or stimulate the navel point. For example, you can practice long, deep breathing instead of the breath of fire. 
  • Explore the contents of the kundalini yoga course available on our website to learn essential techniques and get the most out of your practice 

How to start Kundalini Yoga – Final Words

Many people, particularly women, think that kundalini yoga can cause anxiety. Remember, this is merely a misconception, and nothing is true about that. Although you may feel a little frightening if you are a beginner, kundalini yoga can bring up raw emotion and improve your overall physical, mental, and spiritual health. Until Next Time! 

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